Sure Freeeze services

Trust SURE FREEZE team for installation and maintenance services on all your heating and cooling/air conditioning systems. SURE FREEZE is based in Tarneit, and we service most of the Melbourne areas including Hoppers Crossing, PointCook, Werribee and Williamstown areas.Our highly experienced team delivers maintenance services of the highest standard for a range of systems,We provide service maintenance and installation on a range of systems including;
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Ducted Heating
  • Split Systems
  • Add-On Cooling






Choosing right COOLING or HEATING System for Home or Business

Selecting right solution for your home is a big decision and It's an important investment today. It will play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come.

Our experienced team will guide you through choosing the right solution for your home or business and explain the difference between products  We guide you to select heating and cooling systems which will save you the most money on your bills and what product will be the best fit for your home or business.

What you should look for ......

Local climate

Due to different climate zones in Australia you should select correct system for your climate zone you live in.

Room size and number of rooms

You should check the Manufactures guide or get advice from professional installer when choosing right system for your room design and orientation - The amount of shading and insulation a room has as well as the ceiling height and roof type will all play a role in determining the correct system for you.

Energy efficiency and Reliability of the System

There are large number of similar products from different manufacturers are available in the market. High-efficiency units may cost more to buy initially but can easily pay for themselves over a few years through lower running costs. it is important to check Start rating of your system and understand Energy consumption of your unit.

Energy consutmption calculator - FairAir and Energy Rating of your unit.

The noise of the system

Internal noise -Some air conditioners can create excessive internal noise that may interfere with sleep or conversation. External noise -nuisance laws apply to residential amenity and requirements for external noise levels can differ between local government areas.

Health features

Traditionally, air conditioners have featured a basic mesh filter that collects particles and dust, but some modern systems include built-in ionisers, UV air filtration systems, antiviral and antioxidant filters. this will help improve air Quality


-Your air conditioner or heater may take up a considerable amount of space on your wall. It is good to think about design of unit as well when choosing unit.